Southport Police award Caden and Shane Godby for brave actions

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Pictured from left to right, Shane and Caden Godby receive the Certificate of Appreciation from Southport Mayor Jesse Testruth and Southport Police Chief Thomas Vaughn.

Caden and Shane Godby, of Indianapolis, received Certificates of Appreciation from the Southport Police Department on Monday, June 15 for their actions after they witnessed a child fall from the slide in Southport Park. Monkey Joes thanked the boys with eight free passes for them and their friends.

“They ran over and saw the kid was bleeding from the head,” said the boys’ father, Casey Godby, who serves as a reserve officer for the Southport Police Department. “They knew me and the rest of the police department were inside for a meeting. They ran over and started screaming for help. They kept their calm. They stepped up, went to get help, made sure the kid was okay and did what they were supposed to do. I’m just proud they stepped up and knew where to go to get help.”

Also recognized at the meeting with a certificate of appreciation was Richard Davis, who called 911 after seeing the suspect who attempted to rob a Chase Bank. The suspect was apprehended because of Davis’ tip.

The City of Southport will continue to recognize its volunteers and those who step up to make the city a better place at the city council meetings and other events. For more information, visit