Why should our community center be improved?

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The City of Southport is applying for a Community Room Remodel Grant from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs. In order to qualify for this grant, we would appreciate letters of support from residents and businesses that have seen the need for this remodel.  See below the plans for this remodel. Click here for sample letter of support.

Please use the sample letter and tell the reasons why you think our Community Room should be improved.  Making the building bigger to accommodate more people, making it more ADA compliant, making the building more energy efficient or just as simple as making it look better would all be valid reasons.

You can send your letters to Alissa Newhouse, Mayor Russell McClure’s Administrative Assistant at cityadmin@southport.in.gov or mail them to

City of Southport

6901 Derbyshire Road

Southport, Indiana 46227

Thank you for your participation and desire to make this city a better place to live!