A safari comes to the Second Saturday in Southport

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Southport Park District Fun Events

Will a chameleon turn pink if that’s the environment it’s surrounded by? (No) Why does a parrot say it wants a cracker when it wants a peanut? (Because of the sound a peanut shell makes when it’s eaten) Those were questions children asked and got answered by Animalia presenters on Feb. 8 at Southport Safari, February’s Second Saturday in Southport event. The free community event offered everything from jungle themed bingo, crafts, pin the tail on the Giraffe and a presentation with live animals by the nonprofit, Animalia. 

University of Indianapolis students from the school’s Imagination Emporium planned the safari event, taking place at the Southport Community Center. This was the first event the students planned this semester.

“I feel like we’ve had a great turnout,” says UIndy student, Wil Wynn.

For more information on upcoming Second Saturday in Southport events, visit southportevents.org.

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